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Revisiting the best father-daughter duos in Bollywood: from Piku and Baba to Amrita and her dad

best father-daughter duos of Bollywood

On the occasion of Father’s Day, we have decided to revisit some of the best father-daughter duos in Bollywood. Bollywood has taken a huge leap from showing strict father figures who keep their daughters buried under the reins of patriarchy to more understanding father figures who become guiding lights in their daughters’ lives. This change has definitely provoked society to accept new relationship dynamics where females are empowered and males are the reason for their empowerment. Let’s have a look at the most iconic duos in Bollywood.

Piku and Bhasker Banerjee.
One of the most iconic duos is definitely Piku and her beloved Baba, played by Deepika Padukone and Amitabh Bachchan. It is often said that after a certain point, parents assume the role of kids, and vice versa. This statement proves to be true when we see Piku taking care of her ageing Bengali father. Even though some of his demands are vague, dramatic, and unrealistic, she calmly finds her way through them, taking him beside her. Like every other father-daughter duo, their love doesn’t bloom over typical Indian dad behaviour, but rather over irrational remarks, potty issues, and, most of all, blissful nostalgia for their house in Kolkata.

Amrita and her father
This is certainly one of the most empowering father-daughter duos, played by Tapsee Pannu and Kumud Mishar. Amrita is a homemaker who goes through marriage issues with her husband. After getting slapped by her husband, all she seeks is her parents’ support. On the one hand, her mother is scared for her, convincing her to go back to her husband; on the other hand, we see her dad standing firmly behind her. He proves to be a rock-solid father who is ready to give his daughter some time off to think and reach a conclusion. Rather than pushing her under the facade of patriarchy in the name of a better future, we surely need more fathers like Sachin Sandhu who make the world better for their daughters.


Sehmat and Hidayat Khan
‘Tu iss ghar ki beti nahi, beta hai” is a dialogue that has fallen on our ears. But how many fathers really treat their daughters like their sons, considering them to be equally strong as their sons? Well, you’d definitely agree that it’s true for Sehmat’s dad. Alia Bhatt and Rajit Kapur melt our hearts as a father-daughter duo. Sehmat’s dad gave her the courage to believe in herself and assured her of always being there for her. Sending your daughter as a spy to another country with little hope of return surely must have been difficult. But he did so with the utmost grace and pride.

Rani and her father
Like every Indian father, Rani’s father dreams of seeing his daughter as a bride, but when Rani is abandoned at her marriage hall, he leaves no stone unturned to stand up for her. Rather than asking her to plead with her husband, he allows her to take a trip to Paris. A father who has rarely travelled his country makes the huge decision to send his daughter alone on a honeymoon in order to make her feel accepted. Really, what is this, if not an example of appropriate upbringing?


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